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- from the Television Internet series "Sitcom, a sitcom"

Foxy Manowski

The Assistant

Foxy Manowski


Hi I'm Foxy Manowski. Hi I'm Foxy Manowski. Should I say hi again? I'm temporary at Television Internet. You see, I was sent by Jessica Pimbrose's disability insurance company to replace her at Television Internet as their former general counsel (what is a general counsel?) after she was shot by a fleeing stalker in the arm because ... you know, people make up the dardest thangs to get disability. But soon, Justin decides he likes me so much that I stay. Funny thing is, I'm temporary. I'm not this way all the time. However, I start to fall in love with Barth. Soon, I learn that Justin is the daddy I never had and Television Internet is the family I've always wanted.
about Foxy Manowski.
Hi I'm Foxy Manowksi (did I say that yet?) Yes Foxy is my name. My mother was Foxy too. But my brother is Randy. I love unusual clothing. And I love Tijuana, Mexico!
about Being a Sitcom Star
So you want to be a Sitcom Star? Thanks for choosing me as your Sitcom Coach. My tip is to talk to someone who works on a Sitcom as an assistant like ... oh me! Hehe. Well, I don't know what I am doing but everyone says I do it so well. So, if you need other advice on breaking into the industry, email me below.
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Foxy Manowski is played by Ryan Angel


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