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Episode 8: Ab Workout (Part I)


Routine & Variations

Always stretch before working out to loosen and warm up your muscles. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise routine. If you start to feel any exhaustion, pain, or abnormal conditions, stop working out immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

About This Workout

Purpose  - this workout is designed to give you ripped abs.

Reps - Try 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps until exhaustion. Focus on increasing your weight gradually (where applicable). And put occasional variations into your routine. 

Nutritional Information

ABS. Do you want ripped abs? A washboard stomach? Did you know that getting perfect abs comes from not only what you do in the gym but also what you do in the kitchen? How does the food we eaten determine the look of our abs? We will have the answer in Cut Abs? Cut Fat.

AND THEN .... we have gone out and find for you solutions to your common problems, solutions that don't come from an expensive bottle but instead come from your kitchen cabinet. We will have the story in (More) Common Solutions for Common Problems.

AND FINALLY, WATER. We all know water is good for our bodies. But how much water do we need? And when do we need it? How do we gauge our bodies? We'll discuss the solutions in Soaking it Up - the Need for Water.

For the answers - watch episode 8 of Muscle Beach.

jim15.jpg (18508 bytes) "For most people, working the abs means giving yourself an ab workout with weighed exercises. It also means adjusting your fat intake and getting enough cardiovascular workout. Abs take weeks, if not months, to perfect, unlike other body parts. But once you start, you are onto a way of life. Put variations in your routine.  Print out this workout and take it with you to the gym. And well see you soon."

- Jim Morrow of Muscle Beach

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"Okay, so you haven't attended Holiday Boot Camp (our workout in Episode 7) and you ate a ton during the Holidays. Now you've softened up around the waist. It's time to get great ripped abs. This is the first in a two part series on how to develop great looking abs this year."

- Didi Beyeler Muscle Beach



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1. Hanging Knee Raise

Routine: for the abs

2. Hanging Leg Raises

Variation: Seated Ab Crunch with Slant Board (not shown in epis.)

3. Side Lateral Dips


4. Lat Bar Weighted Crunches

Variation: Poll Twists
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