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Episode 14: Valentine's Day Pump Up


Routine & Variations

Always stretch before working out to loosen and warm up your muscles. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise routine. If you start to feel any exhaustion, pain, or abnormal conditions, stop working out immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

About This Workout

Purpose  - We've devoted the entire episode to getting Pumped Up for your dates.

Reps - Try 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps until exhaustion. Focus on increasing your weight gradually. And put occasional variations into your routine. 

Nutritional Information

Romance with Egg Whites? Did you know what you eat can affect you sex life? Fat, sugar, and other substances can increase our bodyweight and decrease our energy. We will give for you tips on what to eat for your big dates.

Exercising the Heart? Exercise - can it affect the romance in your life? And what does it do to spice up a relationship? And what happens when you exercise together?

Shaping Cupid. Do you know what is healthier to do for your dates - go to a Ball Game or Go to a Dance Club. And why is going out to Dinner on the bottom of the list? We have the top 3 best things and worst things to do on date.

For the answers - watch episode 14 of Muscle Beach.

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"Getting in shape for a date is easy and fun. Watch your diet.  Tune in for our next show. And well see you soon."

- Kristen Davidson of Muscle Beach

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"Today we are going to take you through a routine for Men & Women that will get you ripped for your next date."

- Didi Beyeler of Muscle Beach


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1. Upright barbell rows (for the men)

Routine: for the shoulders

2. Incline Bench Press (for the men)

for rounded pecs

3. Alternate Incline Dumbell Curls (for the Men)

for the biceps

4. Side Lateral Dips (for the Men)

for love handles

1. Ez Curl Barbell Curls (for the Women)

for the biceps

2. Dumbell Kickbacks (for the Women)

for the triceps
3. Calve Raises (for the Women) for the legs
4.Jackknives (for the Women) for the abs
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