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Episode 11: Me First Workout


Routine & Variations

Always stretch before working out to loosen and warm up your muscles. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise routine. If you start to feel any exhaustion, pain, or abnormal conditions, stop working out immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

About This Workout

Purpose  - this workout is designed to help you determine which exercises belong at the beginning of a workout.

Reps - Try 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps until exhaustion. Focus on increasing your weight gradually (where applicable). And put occasional variations into your routine. 

Nutritional Information

Sugar. We’ve talked about sugar many times on the show. And thanks to your overwhelming response, we have a health update on the packaging of foods. Every year, a new sugar sneaks its way into the supermarket aisles and doesn't get categorized as sugar. We have the hidden truths in Sugar Coasted Names - a Health Update.

And then, Egg Whites. Egg whites are one of the best and cheapest sources of protein. In many ways, they are the white diamonds of healthy eating. But an egg white is not necessarily the tastest food. Ugh you must think! In fact, it's even difficult to cook and boring. So what should we do? How do you spice it up! We have awesome ideas for great tasting omeletes with egg whites in the White Diamond.

And finally, Your Hands. Did you ever notice how you position your hands on exercisesr. Did you know that the positioning of your hands can dramatically change the muscles you target? When was the last time you analyzed the hand positions you use while in the gym. The answers are All in the Hands.

For the answers - watch episode 11 of Muscle Beach.

kerry13.jpg (16191 bytes) "For most people, getting a great workout depends in large part on the exercises you place at the beginning of your routine. But once you have a routine down, you're on your way!  Put variations in your routine.  Print out this workout and take it with you to the gym. And well see you soon." - Kerry Kimble of Muscle Beach

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"So you're in the gym, suited up and ready to workout. And you want to do your first exercise. Where do you start?

"Do certain exercises belong at the beginning of our workout? Which exercises should go first in our workout and why? Before you get pumped up, we've got a show for you on which exercises go first in a routine."

- Jim Morrow of Muscle Beach

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1. Straight Bar Curls

Routine: for the arms

2. EZ Curl Bar

for the arms

3. Dumbell curls

for the arms

4. Flat Bench Press

for the chest

5. Incline Bench Press

for the chest

6. One Arm Dumbell Rows

for the back

7. Dumbell Press

for the shoulders
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