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Episode 10: Summertime Countdown Workout (Part 2)


Routine & Variations

Always stretch before working out to loosen and warm up your muscles. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise routine. If you start to feel any exhaustion, pain, or abnormal conditions, stop working out immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

About This Workout

Purpose  - this workout is designed to get you ready for Summer Break.

Reps - Try 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10 reps until exhaustion. Focus on increasing your weight gradually (where applicable). And put occasional variations into your routine. 

Nutritional Information

Salads. We've told you how to order a salad and how to make great dressings. But how about making great salads? Summertime salads! Fruit, Nuts, you'd be surprised by what ingredients and tips we have for you as we make great Summetime Salads.

And then Summertime. You're on your way to a summertime countdown. And you see people around you in better shape than you. Skinner. More shapely. And you feel depressed. What's wrong? And is their a solution? We have the solution to depression problems during warm months as we takle Summertime Blues.

And finally, Gardens. You may love to have a garden. But do you have a working garden? Yes, a working garden that offers both beauty and function. How can planting your garden appropriately give you items for the kitchen that last all year long. We have the answers in Gardening for the Kitchen.

For the answers - watch episode 10 of Muscle Beach.

jim10.jpg (16138 bytes) "For most people, getting ready for Summer Break means setting realistic goals and working hard. It also means adjusting your fat intake and getting enough cardiovascular workout. But once you start, you are on the way!  Put variations in your routine.  Print out this workout and take it with you to the gym. And well see you soon." - Jim Morrow of Muscle Beach

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"Summertime is coming on. In Part 1, we learned how to get lean and trim. Now, we are going to pump up and get some great definition so that you'll look great on the beach coming … and well … going. This is the second part in a two part series on our Summertime Countdown."

- Ryan Moriarty of Muscle Beach


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1. Straight Bar Curls

Routine: for the biceps

2. Incline Bench Press

for the upper chest.

3. Lying Tricep Extensions

for the triceps
Variation: Alternate Incline dumbell curls & Dumbell Press

4. Lying Tricep Extensions

for the triceps

5. Narrow Upright Rows

for the shoulders

6. One arm dumbell rows

for the back
Variations: T-Bar & Wide Upright Rows
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